Estate Planning Attorney

Come See Us at Meason Law Office if You Need a Divorce and Estate Planning Attorney

At Meason Law Office, we offer a variety of important legal services to the people of Nowata, Washington, and Osage Counties. We were founded with the mission of helping average folks with all their legal needs without being bogged down by expensive fees and intimidating paperwork. Whether you need a divorce, DUI, or an estate planning attorney, we are happy to oblige. We strive to make the legal system easier for you to understand and navigate, by providing an experienced guide to help you through the entire process.

Going through a divorce is never easy — especially if you’ve been married for a long time, and you’ve built a life together. At Meason Law Office, we can provide you with an experienced divorce attorney who can make the process simpler and more manageable. Your divorce attorney will help you with filing the necessary paperwork, dividing assets, and dealing with custody or child support if you have kids.

In addition to divorce cases, we can also help you plan your estate if you’re concerned about the future. Although it can be tough to think about what will happen when we die, it’s necessary to ensure that our family members are protected, and our assets are properly handled when we are no longer around to manage them. If you need an experienced estate planning attorney to help you make some of these difficult decisions, come see us today.

At Meason Law Office we are happy to handle all of your legal needs. Visit our website today to book a consultation or contact us directly if you have questions or concerns.