Family Law Attorney

Get Help from a Seasoned Adoption and Family Law Attorney

At Meason Law Office we offer a variety of legal services that run the gambit from criminal defense to probate law. However, we specialize in family law, and we are proud to help families in our community in any way that we can. If you need an experienced family law attorney to handle matters related to divorce, paternity, child support, and more, we can help. Or if you need a seasoned adoption attorney to bring a new addition into your family, we are happy to assist you in the process.

Family law can often get messy. There are so many emotions involved and situations where you have to tread lightly or risk doing serious damage to important relationships. At Meason Law Office we can help alleviate some pressures involved in handling these important matters, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. No other family law attorney in Oklahoma offers the level of dedication to its clients that we do at Meason Law Office, and we will stop at nothing to help you seek the justice you deserve.

Likewise, adoption can be an exciting, yet stressful process. There is so much paperwork involved and so many legal hurdles you have to jump through to adopt a child. But, once you get through the headaches, the benefits are unparalleled. That’s why you need an experienced adoption attorney to help guide you through the process.


At Meason Law Office, we can reduce some of those headaches by providing you with the structure and guidance you need to navigate the legal system. There is still plenty of paperwork that must be filed, however, we can alleviate some stress in the process by being a trusted partner throughout the entire process, so you never feel overwhelmed or alone. Visit our website to see the full list of legal services we offer and feel free to book a consultation right through our website.