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How to Change Your Name in Oklahoma

Looking to do a name change, but don’t know where to start? Let us guide you!

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From Oklahoma.Gov: "Oklahoma law requires the holder of a Oklahoma drivers license or a Oklahoma identification card to notify the Department of Public Safety, in writing, within ten (10) days, of any change in their mailing address, residential address, county of residence, or name change.

If your current name is different from your identification documents you must show how the name was changed or is going to be changed.

Name change documents shall include:

  • Primary ID (Usually a State Certified Birth Certificate)

  • Divorce Decree

  • Adoption Decree

  • Name Change Decree, or

  • Establishment of Record of Birth, Pursuant to 63 OS., 1-315

  • Marriage License

  • For a common law marriage, "Affidavit of Common Law Marriage" containing the notarized signatures of the husband and wife. Both primary and secondary forms of identification must be submitted in addition to this affidavit."


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