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Legal Assistance for Native Americans

The Meason Law Office understands the need for all citizens to have good legal representation. In particular, indigenous citizens often find themselves being left behind when it comes to proper legal rights to navigation.

Removing Former Bias of Indigenous People from the Courtroom

It doesn't matter whether the Indigenous person needing representation is the victim or being accused of a crime. At the Meason Law Office, we promise to offer the same legal representation that we do to all our clientele.

We are aware of the possibility a panel of jurors might have an increased bias against our indigenous client. Which in many cases aids in the public hold the same perception, and resulting in an unfair trial.

This is why we work so hard at ensuring our Native American clients get the legal attention they deserve.

Criminal law (both misdemeanors and felonies) are the primary focus here at the Meason Law Office. We also have extensive expertise and specialize in Family Law and Divorce, Probate Law, Criminal Justice Law, as well as Trial law.

Who is Meason Law?

The founder of Meason Law is Marty Meason. He earned his Juris Doctorate at TU Law in the year 2002. In the legal profession, this degree is the highest level one can earn. Marty has served in several capacities since the receipt of his Doctorate degree. In addition to his main areas, he also provides citizens of Tulsa, Nowata, Osage, and Washington counties with his services. Marty Meason will ensure you get appropriate legal representation and fight for your rights. It doesn’t matter what legal issue(s) you are facing.

For Fair Legal Representation Contact Us

The Bartlesville area has been a focus of the Meason Law Office. It is here that we have been providing many years of legal assistance. We aid our clients in navigating through the unknown and somewhat scary facets of the legal system. If you are in need of legal representation, that first call should be to the Meason Law Office. We will fight for you and ensure you receive justice no matter what your ethnic background is!

Whether you have a DUI or DWI, been charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or have Family Law issues. The Meason Law Office can help!

When you need an attorney, you want one that not only knows the law but you can trust. The Meason Law Office is an attorney that is dedicated to ensuring justice for all their clients. If you hold a CBID card and are Native American we can help no matter what the charges.

You want an attorney that is not afraid to stand up for your legal rights. The Meason Law Office is an attorney with many years of expertise in trial law. When you have an attorney that holds a Doctorate in Law and has years of experience, it increases the odds of winning your case!

Call the Meason Law Office today at 918-337-0202 or email marty@measonlawoffice.com. We are also located at 501 SE Frank Phillips Blvd. Ste 205, Bartlesville, OK 74003. Schedule a consultation appointment. We are now accepting cases in the following counties: Washington, Nowata, Osage, and Rogers.


Marty Meason is a divorce attorney, family law attorney, criminal defense attorney, estate planning attorney, child support attorney, and DUI attorney serving Washington, Nowata, Osage, and Rogers counties. Whether you live in Pawhuska, Claremore, Bartlesville, Nowata, Collinsville, Dewey, Ramona, Ochelata, or another nearby city, we can help you get justice! Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Fighting for You,

Marty Meason



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