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Meason Law Office provides years of experience for those in the Bartlesville area. They strive to help their clients navigate their legal issues with the best legal assistance. When you find yourself in need of an attorney, let Meason Law Office be your first call. They look forward to helping you have the justice you deserve.

Meason focuses on criminal law, which is felonies and misdemeanors. They also specialize in divorce, family law, and probate law. If you need legal assistance in any of those areas, they should be your first choice to consider. Maybe you've gotten a DWI or a DUI, Marty Meason is going to help you with all of your legal needs to help you get through it. If you have been charged with any type of criminal activity, he is going to help you fight for your rights.

Family law can include many things. Divorce, child custody, adoption and more can be one of the reasons that you need a family law professional to help you. Meason Law Office can help you navigate the adoption process so that you are able to have a successful adoption. Going through a divorce can be difficult. Divorces can get really ugly and having the best attorney can help you keep everything in check. In many cases, he may be able to help speed up the process so that it doesn't take forever for finalization,

When you are in need of an attorney, you want one with experience, one that demands justice and one that isn't afraid to stand up for you. Having an attorney that is dedicated to justice is what is always going to be best for the client. Getting a fair trial is crucial anytime that you have been charged with a crime. You can trust the Meason Law Office to make you a priority. You won't find more dedicated legal assistance.

If you are a Native American and also a CBID card holder that has been accused of a crime, the Meason Law Office is more than capable of helping you with whatever you have been charged with. We all have legal rights and knowing that we have someone that will stand up for our rights can be very comforting. An attorney with years of experience, trial law and a doctorate in law can mean the difference in winning and losing your case.

Don't put off getting the legal help you need. Reach out to Meason Law Offices so that you have the best team fighting for you and for your legal rights.


Marty Meason is a divorce attorney, family law attorney, criminal defense attorney, estate planning attorney, child support attorney, and DUI attorney serving Washington, Nowata, Osage, and Rogers counties. Whether you live in Pawhuska, Claremore, Bartlesville, Nowata, Collinsville, Dewey, Ramona, Ochelata, or another nearby city, we can help you get justice! Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Fighting for You,

Marty Meason



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