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Meason Law Office Specializes in Family Law

Meason Law Office provides various legal services to their clients, including criminal defense, probate law, and family law. The attorneys enjoy helping families throughout the community. Meason Law Office has assisted families including divorce proceedings, child support, paternity issues, and other matters. The staff at Meason Law Office also assists with adoption proceedings. Meason Law Office strives to make things easier for you.

Handling Family Law

In most cases, family law can get complicated. There is a mix of delicate emotions and relationships at risk of suffering damage beyond repair. The staff at Meason Law Office can help reduce some stress involved during this difficult time. Meason Law Office stands out for their commitment to helping their clients through challenging times. The staff will work as hard as possible to ensure that you receive justice. Child custody cases are also tough for everyone involved. If you are a parent, it’s important that you are informed of your legal rights. The staff at Meason Law Office will assist you in creating the best possible outcome for the well-being of your child.

Adoption Cases

Going through the adoption process can be stressful and exciting at the same time. There are many legal hurdles to pass before the finish line and a lot of paperwork to fill out before things become official. Once you’ve reached the conclusion your loved one will officially become a part of the family. The experienced adoption attorneys at Meason Law Office will help make the process as smooth as possible. Meason Law Office can help prevent potential issues through offering guidance and strategy as you handle the legal system. The staff will make sure that you never feel confused or overwhelmed during the process.

About Meason Law Office

Marty Meason has been serving the Bartlesville, OK community for well over 15 years. The staff at Meason Law Office is committed to helping people receive the justice they are looking for. The staff will help you navigate the US legal system. While originally studying construction management, Meason decided to shift his focus and eventually became a criminal defense attorney. After receiving his Juris Doctorate, Meason started practicing law all over the state. He has also served as a public defender in some counties. Regardless of the variables, Meason will mount the best defense possible. You are entitled to a fair trial and the staff at Meason Law Office will work hard to make sure that you receive justice.


Marty Meason is a divorce attorney, family law attorney, criminal defense attorney, estate planning attorney, child support attorney, and DUI attorney serving Washington, Nowata, Osage, and Rogers counties. Whether you live in Pawhuska, Claremore, Bartlesville, Nowata, Collinsville, Dewey, Ramona, Ochelata, or another nearby city, we can help you get justice! Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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Marty Meason



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